Q: How long will it take to build my Faber Home?
A: Not long at all! The construction of your new Faber Home will take approximately 120 days from the day we dig your basement.
Q: Do I need a different mortgages to build my new home as opposed to an existing home?
A: No! At Faber Homes you won't need a construction loan for your new home. You'll need a traditional end loan similar to purchasing an existing home. Sonyma, V.A., FHA or conventional loans for a new Faber Home. Your New Home Sales Counselor can help with this or recommend one of Faber Homes Preferred Lenders. Canandaigua National Bank and East Cap Mortgage.
Q: Can I reserve or hold a lot?
A: While considering house plans, options and financing Faber offers you an opportunity to reserve a site while you are reviewing your choices. While you work out the details, put a $2,500 deposit down and we'll reserve your home-site for two weeks.
Q: How long has Faber Homes been in business?
A: 30 years now! Faber began building Homes in 1983. Since then we have built over 2,000 homes in the Rochester Area.
Q: How much money do I need to put down before you start construction?
A: Only a 10% deposit is required on the purchase of your new home.
Q: Can I customize my home or is it all standard floor plans? Can I bring my own floor plans or ones that I found on a website?
A: We have over 25 portfolio house plans that are priced on our website. Our designs do allow for customization. We offer stock option like the Family Room Wall of Glass or a morning room. You can even have our design team create a custom option. Using your own designs, you may be required to pay for CAD design time. Simply bring us your plans and we will review them with you.
Q: Can I be involved in the kitchen and flooring selection process?
A: All Faber customers have the benefit of making their flooring and cabinet selections with a professional design spcialist. Through our partnership with Claridge Decorating Centre, your design specialist will spend time with you designing your Kitchen so you know exactly which cabinets and countertops are included and what your other options are. With your satisfaction in mind, your design specialist will guide you through making choices that will impact your home for years to come.